Social Media and The Impersonal Impression It’s Left:

KemNu Inc
2 min readMar 5, 2021

How often have you spent hours on the phone scrolling through social media applications? For myself way too often. I used to have to take breaks to make sure I am productive and healthy. Especially in college when everything is now digital and so much free time in your hands.

Countless times I’ve spent scrolling and scrolling to come to find out I’ve been on there for hours not like the few minutes how I planned. This causes me to not go out and hang out with friends or call someone that I haven’t talked to. The more time I spend looking at the content the less time I spend doing other things with others or bettering myself. Realistically, that content from others is the content they created and are profiting off of.

Being an adult and also growing up in the digital age, I’ve grown up with it while it has also been a part of who I am. Understanding it and working in it has been the proven career path for me. However, I’ve noticed from stories from grandparents and even my parents their childhoods are completely different. They would walk five miles to see if their friends wanted to hang out instead of DMing them off of Instagram. They would meet up at the mall and walk around till they found each other, now I sit in a pregame lobby in Call of Duty for my friends. The difference and the impersonal friendships have severed a tie between the outside world.

Now companies such as KemNu have noticed this trend. KemNu has created an App that will bring both social media and in-person hangouts back together. Instead of sitting inside the app itself has developed a way where new friendships can be created, and past ones can be rekindled. The all-in-one hangout app makes it easier to be personable while also incorporating the social media aspect.

Overall, the change in how we communicate has been divided and enhanced. Being impersonal has caused issues with who we are but new ideas and the motivation of others to become personal is what will change this. Every day is about becoming better so instead of spending so much time on that phone, go outside and hang out with your friends. It takes one second to change an entire life so become the Nu you!