Freshman Scaries

KemNu Inc
3 min readJan 28, 2021


Three years have passed since I was a college freshman, but I remember it so vividly because it was the year, I became myself. College has been one of the best experiences I have gone through. Yes, it was expensive and difficult at times, but what truly made my experience so great were my friends and the network I built. I had the fortunate set up of coming into a college with a friend, but I also worked hard to create new bonds and expand my horizons.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to any college freshman is to be active and social. College is where you develop who you truly are. It is the first time in your life where you are no longer living under a parent or guardian. When I started college that hit me; I realized can act and think how I want without people telling me no. This can be a blessing or a curse. I chose to have it be a blessing. I chose to learn as much as I could and meet as many people as I could.

Now you’re asking how can I meet people? Join clubs or organizations. If you’re interested in sports: join a club or varsity team. If you’re interested in esports or just enjoy playing games: join that club! If they don’t have it, find people that are interested in that type of topic and message them. Start that organization, sure enough, someone else has that same passion as you. It’s easy to find people with similar interests, but it’s hard because not everyone is extroverted or confident in themselves. Be confident! College is about reinventing yourself so take the steps to do that!

Today you may be struggling. There are no in-person involvement fairs, everything is virtual or social distance. You aren’t sure how you are going to meet new people and connect. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your college has a list of what type of clubs/organizations there are active.

Still feeling like you cannot connect or find that there isn’t any real communication happening? You can leverage our solution KemNu. We are a social network application that makes befriending easier. Need to find people whether on campus or in the world? We offer that. Networking and friendship development is simplistic when it comes to the KemNu app!

Now joining that club is the first step, once you’re in don’t just sit at meetings. Be active engagement with others. This is where the beginning steps take place in the development of a relationship with someone. Talk to them, laugh, and enjoy this opportunity to be you! Anyone that can’t

enjoy that, they don’t see that true potential you have!

Now go, Unlock your true potential! Be you and make the lifelong friends that will have your back!

Written By Benjamin Adams