Finding Your People

KemNu Inc
2 min readMar 31, 2021

By Benjamin Adams

One of the biggest things that I personally hold high is friendships. The saying, “you are the five closest people to you” has always stuck with me. I stress the importance of developing long-lasting friendships over small ones. Friends pick you up, teach you, and build you up while also not letting you get too full of yourself.

Now, why is it so important? Personally, I’ve gone through hardships and I always seemed to prevail not only by myself but by having others around. It took me years to find a stable friend group that did not divide when someone got a girlfriend/boyfriend (for some reason this is part of the case). We all play our parts and bring others in to make the group bigger and better. I look at friendships as a pack of wolves. We are stronger together than we are divided.

That being said, how do you find your people? It's hard and easy. When you know you’re with your people you’ll feel it, but you won’t find them till then. “Your people” are the friends that even if you do not talk for months, you can still pick up from where you left off from. The hard part is going through friendships and experiencing points of lonesomeness. The other question is how do we find people to hang out with?

KemNu, is a free app for people of all ages that is currently expanding and changing. The app is something you can try out and use. By using the app, it will grow as you grow as a person which is super helpful since it is a new and innovative application.

Since the year is 2021 when I am writing about this, we continue to experience withdrawal from the normalcy that we experienced three years ago. With that being the case apps like KemNu are needed to continue what we once had. I for one have experienced a disconnect and use the app to connect with people worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find your people and enjoy what bonds you create!